We will find the best distributors for technologies and other products for you and help your company to build up an international partnership.

Ousiun Technology & Business Consulting

Ousiun Technology and Business Consulting supports your company to realize business concepts on the Chinese market. We offer consulting services and assist you in finding a qualified representative in China or to build up a network of independent distribution channels and to assure the professional support of your businesses.

Ousiun Technology & Business Consulting

Thanks to our Sino-European cooperation as well as our intercultural competences we are able to help your company to expand in the global market. We offer services in Chinese, English, German, Polish and Spanish.

Ousiun Technology & Business Consulting

Our registered office is located in the Ruhr area in Germany. We are a consulting agency specialized on technologies with the main purpose to improve the cooperation between Chinese and European companies and thus to enable the trade of industry goods. The provision of highly valuable information on Chinese manufacturers and the Chinese market will help your company to manage upcoming challenges in China. It is our goal to provide you with the most competent support to realize your business ideas.
Our core features


Company registration and recommendation of lawyers, tax consultants and other service providers. Creation of a website in a foreign language and development of a distribution platform.

International cooperation

Our Sino-European team with multicultural backgrounds provides high class intercultural communication services and ensures trouble-free business cooperation.

Technological knowledge

We are able to match European and Chinese manufacturers and merchants and help to build up a trustful and double-sided profitable partnership.